A gym for women looking to take control of their Health & Fitness.


Are you ready for a change?

What’s involved with our 28 Day Trial

This is a chance for you to try out our training with no obligation to join. During this period you can experience a different standard of coaching to the norm, immerse yourself in our proven training structure and also enjoy the fun Saturday sweat sessions on offer.

Want to experience our way of training?

Your 28 Day Trial Includes:

A strategy session with a senior coach to discuss training diet, history and goals

A nutritional evaluation as well as receive your SixFour Fitness Nutrition & Health e-books

Education on how to track your bodycompostion changes throughout your trial

Up to 12 Semi Private Personal Training Sessions Midweek

Avail of our fun Saturday morning team training classes

See real changes in your physique

Our Semi Private membership options are listed below, which highlight the training days and total number of Semi Private PT sessions over the course of you 28 Day Trial.


Training on a Tuesday & Thursday

@ 6am, 7am, 8am , 6pm or 7pm

9am & 10am Saturday Classes

€230 €155 for your first month.


Training on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday

@ 6am, 7am, 8am , 6pm or 7pm

9am & 10am Saturday Classes

€295 €195 for your first month.

Book a Phone Call

Book a friendly chat with one of our coaches to discuss your goals and how we think we may be able to help.

Personal Training

Unparalleled attention and specificity when it comes to your training-

One to one coaching is ideal if you are returning from an injury, looking for sport specific training or just looking for some more one to one time with a coach.

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Female Semi Private Personal Training

High quality training and education you wont get anywhere else-

In groups of 2-4 ladies you will get the attention and coaching you need to thrive.

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Here at SixFour Fitness we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of training and coaching available. The emphasis throughout our gym is on performance and education, as it is only when you fully understand why it is you are doing something that you put everything you can into mastering it.

Having seasoned coaches, with a deep understanding of anatomy, exercise physiology and the coaching process required to take a beginner to the next stages, is how we ensure a training experience like no other.

Through ongoing observations with planned assessments and re assessments over the year – you will be amazed to see what you will achieve by training here in our Female only Semi-Private training setup or our one to one coaching (available to Male & Female).

Our Semi Private personal training is delivered in groups of 2-4 ladies.

One to one Personal training is exactly that! Just you and a coach, get in touch with us to find out why it really is the best of the best!

Why choose us

A different approach to training.

Our approach to training is not solely for the purpose of losing weight or a transformation. We are dedicated to a culture of performance and physical strength. Meeting you where you are at and showing you how to do things you never thought possible.

Building your strength, fitness & power is what we do & amazing improvements, in confidence and daily performance, can be made in the areas of your career, relationships and family life when you start building physical strength.


Engaging Coaches.

Only by knowing you, will we know how to get the best from you. Our coaches know that their role is far more than dictating exercise, set & reps! It’s about dealing with real people, and creating a rewarding environment centred around training.

Knowing the underlying WHY for our members training, allows us to take a client defined approach to coaching. This means that every member will get an experience they need from their coaches and not a one size fits all approach.



“When the student is ready the teacher will appear”  

The world of health and fitness can be a complicated one to navigate as it is so hard to know which information source to trust. You will quickly find out that our coaches are informed and very informative, in here you will learn how the hows and why behind everything we do. We are always happy to provide you with any additional education needed along your journey and firmly believe that you will never need a coach again if/when you choose to leave us.


Long term planning.

Programming doesn’t need to be done in Olympic 4 year cycles, but it should have an obvious thought process, behind it, and direction. It should be based on accepted scientific principals and practical methods, exposing you to exercises and movements that you can manage while at the same time being challenged. Over the weeks and months we will introduce new challenges and exercise variations to keep you from getting bored while also progressing steadily.